Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh so ready for the Rookies Cup

Hello everyone!


As most of you probably know, we are on the doorstep of the 2020 season with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup – as I write this we are sorting everything for our departure to Austria where we will be testing before the first race weekend.


Racing has started though – at first just with SuperMotard practices in Assen and after that we were to get the real bikes out on the track and now we have already had 2 race weekends in Portugal with the European Talent Cup!


Race weekend one was in Estoril, getting there was a bit of a trip and with all the regulations it was special. We had planned a test in Estoril, we did that 2 days before the weekend started and I was feeling very strong.


Because of that test, we decided I was not going to ride day 1 of the official testing sessions so the day before QP was my first time on track with everyone and the day went pretty OK. Then we had qualifying practice the next day and I got P3! I was very happy!

The event was a two-race event and Race 1 was good but somebody took me out, I was in the group fighting for a good position and I was knocked off....


Race 2 was even better, during the last lap I was with 2 other guys battling for 2nd, I finished P4 even though there are thoughts I should have been P3 but the given penalty (that pushed him back and me up) was pulled in again....


These races were on Monday and we had a day or so off before we were to be ready in Portimao and there we raced on Tuesday.


There we were struggling quite a lot with the suspension, in Qualifying 1 got P2 – I did not improve that time in Qualifying2 because after 3 laps I crashed in QP ...


After Qualifying we changed some big things with the suspension so I started the race with different suspension and the only thing I could do was hoping it was working and it did, I was still struggling a lot in the race but finished P8 in the front group!


When we got home I have had a few days to relax with friends and we went to Assen to train with the SuperMotard – all to prepare for the RBRC test!


Chat soon,