Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh picks up some ballast and almost the fastest lap

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I talked with you guys...! It is incredible to see how time flies!


Let's talk about the last race from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2019. I left for Aragon on crutches! Not something I was happy about as we did all we could to be as fit as possible in Aragon but a few days (with a back-to-back event) was just too short to be 100% fit.


After my highside in Misano it was hard to push like I normally would, couldn't get my right foot on the rear brake... FP's were bad, couldn't focus but didn't know what was wrong... then in QP I went completely on my own, I put a really good lap in, P8!!!


Race 1 was good, fighting in front group but as I wanted to overtake the guy in front of me I lost the front, I crashed ..... and ran to the bike. Picked it up and continued on my way! I was lucky my bike wasn't really damaged! I did have a bit of a weight issue, it didn't really feel so good and after the race I saw why; there was a load of gravel in my fairing!


There were a lot of crashes that race but they did not continue like I did. I scored points as I overtook one rider and due to other crashes I finished in P13.


Race 2, a good race, I was in the front group but then the small group I was in lost the contact to the front group because of a mistake of one of the riders. That mistake resulted in a 1 second gap to the front group. I led our little group and pushed, after one lap I closed the gap down to 1 second to the front. Missed out on the fastest lap by 0.002 seconds – the fastest lap of the race was set behind me in that lap, full in my slipstream... finished in p13, 1.1 seconds from P1!! Close racing!


Happy to have finished every race in the points, only Lorenzo Fellon & I scored points in every race!! And a big congratulations to Rookies Cup champ Carlos Tatay!!


Shortly after our race in Aragon we went to Jerez for the ETC and after that was Albacete – next week is the season finale in Valencia. After that race I will update you on my last ETC adventures!

Also shortly after our race the crew got everything ready for the Selection Event! I so remember how that was! I was happy to see so many selected for the event, some friends and people I race with. Wish all of them could have a seat as I wish this amazing experience for all of them!


I am very happy to see Collin Veijer joining us for 2020! Happy to see my friend on the track at every event!

Also happy that my Racing and gaming mates Phillip and Noah are also in our Cup again next year

A season recap will be made during the winter – and by the way, my winter prep has already started as I have a new training schedule – but for now a huge thanks to Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup to let me be part of this amazing cup in 2020 again!! You guys are the best, thanks to all the staff!


After two weeks full of school – we are back to the racetrack in Valencia this weekend!

Chat soon,