Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh having a great season start

Hello guys!

Today I am going to tell you something about my first test with the KTM and the first race in the European Talent Cup!


Let's start with the RedBull Rookies Cup test. The first impression of the KTM was amazing, I straight away had a good feeling with the bike.


At the start of the first day the gap was really big but at the end of the day the gap was much smaller. Also in the long run I had good pace even with 18 laps done!


Jerez finished on Friday and we went straight to Estoril from Jerez. I had missed Thursday and Friday free practice in Estoril so I started directly in qualifying.


I had have been in Estoril once before but now were new conditions on the track because it was wet but still I managed to get p16 on the grid.


Although I wasn't that happy because I could go faster. In the first race my riding was amazing (in the wet) but unfortunately I crashed out of p10. Second race in the first lap I had no feeling in the wet and I needed to build some confidence and feeling, I lost some places and so I needed to come from p31 to p16.


Even though my riding was good and improved every day, unfortunate my positions weren't really good in Estoril. I was a bit sore after the busy days and crash – instead of working out my first training was an easy one in the pool!


When I got home from Estoril I had to change focus to school. I had missed a lot of tests and needed to sort that and get them done. I managed and am happy with my results. But to be honest, I am happy that this next trip is during a school holiday so I wont miss too much now. That is easier for when I come back!


We spent a day in Assen on the Junior track this weekend – the weather was great and I had a chance to take my GRC bike out for the day! Perfect Easter Sunday it was for me!


But all that is done, now I am looking forward to this weekend with the second race from the ETC in Valencia coming up and the week after the first race with the Rookies Cup in Jerez!


See you,