Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh getting in a bit of track time and school work

Hi guys,

Still no races ... The wait is long and hard but slowly a bit of bike action is back in my day!


Sometimes me and my friend and fellow Rookie Collin Veijer (#95 on the Supermotard pics) are allowed to ride on the 'Junior Track', a training track next to the Grand Prix track of Assen. We can't wait to go on the big tracks but this is fun as well, it's a very good training to learn battling, elbow to elbow! We use the Supermotard most of these training sessions and it is great fun!


As some of you maybe also know, we had some really good news last week, there was a press release stating we will probably start the season Estoril in the beginning of July with the European Talent Cup! It is not confirmed and there are still issues as travel etc. but I have my fingers crossed and hope! Now we need to wait until we hear some good news about the Rookies season... hopefully we can put a good fight on again very soon!


The bonus for being home is that school has no delay and with this home schooling being 'normal' for myself and I am used to it already, I am happy to have school done as much as I can so as soon as we are back on track (literally). I can let that be and focus on the racing!


So it is school during the day, track time in the weekend and training when I can, that can be weights, cycling or exercise – just depending on how I feel and how the week goes.
 All to prepare as much as possible and to be as fit as possible for the first Rookies event!


In the meanwhile; my shoes are ready for the Rookies season!

Chat soon,