Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh doing well at school and training

Hi everyone!

After a full month of racing in November I got back home the first week of December and went straight back to school. I had missed quite a few tests and had to do them all before the Christmas break so there was a lot to do. Thankfully my grades were good so no stress! (well no stress when it was done).


I started working out with my personal trainer in November and after a short break the beginning of December I am full on working out with him! I also started with a once-a-week-mountainbike-ride with my uncle Patrick and I really enjoy that. Being outdoors is better then training at home on the home trainer but sometimes the weather is too bad and then we do a workout inside.


I always love going out on the Motocross bike but have not yet had a chance to do so ;-( The weather has been too bad!

Because of no racing activities there was more time for private activities and I enjoyed spending time with my family; we went to a musical show about 'The soldier of Orange', a bit of Dutch history, I went to Winterberg for my first ever snowboarding experience and we have done lost more fun things. Also there was time to spend with friends – sometimes online whilst gaming and sometimes in real life; we went ice karting!


Even though all these things are great fun, I can not wait to get back on a motorbike! Is it March already???