Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh - Austria, our most recent race – what a weekend!

Hi everyone,

As I left for Austria I thought the track wasn't really fun, but it turned out to be a really fun track!


I felt great on the track, even though in the beginning the bike wasn't feeling even close to good... We made some changes things and it helped a bit!! Going into QP I had good feeling, was looking forward to it and was focused. At some point, riding on my own, I was 16th and I thought 'I need a slipstream'. So I looked for a group and there was a big group of about 20 riders, I think!


Being in the group didn't work all, all my laps got ruined so with 5 minutes to go, I went on my own! Spielberg is a track where you need slipstream but I put in a really clean lap and qualified 8th on the grid.

Race 1: It was my first ever time in the front group, that was a new experience! Something I can most definitely get used to!


I was smart, stayed focused and waited till the last couple laps when I pushed as hard as I could and finished P6! An amazing result for me.


Race 2: I was in front group when I was given the long lap penalty due to an incident in the warm up lap. As soon as I saw the board, I took the long lap and when I got back on track, I was 19th.


I managed to pass the first two fairly quickly to then have a gap to the front group of 17 riders. I rode on my own a few laps and after 3 'fastest lap times' on my one I caught up with the group.


From P17 I worked up to P3 in the last lap, but some small mistakes ruined it and on the line I was 6th... bit disappointing but I came from 19 to so still really good!


It was still school holiday after Spielberg so that gave me time to go to Assen – I went straight on the Monday! The KNMV organized a summer camp, my friends were there and I took a few days to enjoy my time with them and there was a European Championship after where I was asked to coach.


Coaching is a lot different to riding! Still had a lot of fun and it was great to see the 'little kids'.

Now the focus is on Misano – I am back on my MTB and in the gym, as well in school so life is back to normal. If a racing life is ever 'normal'?!