Xavier Artigas

Blog | Xavier Artigas ready for Brno after hard work and the beach.

Hello everyone,

I'm already looking forward to the next race on the Brno circuit. Everyone who knows this circuit tells me that it's a lot of fun and I really want to meet him.

Now come two race weekends. The next week of participating in Brno we will race in the Red Bull Ring, I also want to go to that circuit and to know Austria.

Now, during the school holidays, I have more time to prepare to be fit for the races. Where I live is a mountainous area and I usually go out and train with the MTB.

I also really like to train with the SM motorcycle.

During the season I do less MX, it's easy to get injured and I go more carefully when training. In winter if I train more with the MX bike.

These days, before traveling to the Czech Republic I have also been able to enjoy a few days at the beach with my family.

See you in BRNO !!!