Xavier Artigas

Blog | Xavier Artigas good in Assen, better at the Sachsenring

Hello everyone,

This time it has been the first time I have ride outside of Spain and it has been a great experience for me. To know new circuits and new countries.

I had never ridden in Assen or Sachsenring and I really wanted to race on them, since I only knew them from watching races on TV and playing with the Play Station.

Now I understand why they call Assen "The Cathedral" there is a lot of atmosphere and a lot of fans of motorcycles.

The circuit of Assen is very fast and the parts that I like most of the circuit are the fast curves and the chicane before the finish line. During the weekend the weather was changing a lot, sometimes raining and sometimes not. In training I ended up in 14th position.

The first race was in dry conditions and I finished in the 18th position. In the second race until moments before the race it rained but then stopped raining, in this I was able to finish in 11th place.

Holland has liked me very much, its landscapes are very beautiful.

After finishing the race we returned home, but after two days we returned to travel, this time to Sachsenring. The circuit is fun, with ups and downs. I had never run on a circuit with so much unevenness.

This time on the grid came out from the 16th position. In the first race it rained a lot, especially at the beginning, but I felt comfortable riding in water and I could go up to finish in the 7th position. Sunday's race was dry and I finished 13th.

The next race will be in the Czech Republic, in a month. But until then I will continue training in Supermoto and Motocross to get in shape to the races.

Greetings from Spain,