Walid Soppe - Red Bull Ring

Blog | Walid Soppe quick but missing the results he wanted in Brno and the Red Bull Ring

Hi guys,

After a long summer break we finally could race again and I was really looking forward to it. First we went to Brno and I had two quite good races.

In the first race I was in the top group but after the crash of Ai Ogura, I was behind him and just avoided him, there came a bit of a gap to the frontrunners. I had some pain in the back and couldn't fight back to the first group and finished seventh.

The second race was wet. I came from almost the back of the grid to the fourth position and I felt really strong on the brakes. My lap times were good. But lap by lap my bike went slower. Because of the heavy rain the engine became too cold and the ECU has a safety system to save the engine and limit the bike,and because of that problem it was impossible to keep up the first spots.

I fell back and just finished the race to get a few points. I was very disappointed because like I said, I could have a much better result.

Directly after Brno we went to Austria and we stayed for the intervening days around 2 hours from the Red Bull Ring. It was nearby a lake so we could relax and chill a bit there.

Victor Steeman was also around so I had some fun with him during the days. I also did some running in the mountains with Max and it were some steep climbs but fun to do.

From Thursday we went to another hotel a little nearer to the track. The atmosphere at the Red Bull Ring was, again, fantastic! Crazy how perfect everything is organised.

The races for me were very difficult. I had a lot of problems with the speed out of the corner. All the riders passed me and I couldn't even stay in the slipstream of almost all the riders.

On Saturday we thought we had the solution but it went not much better the day after. Finally I ended up twelfth both races. It's absolutely not the result I aim for so I have to be better in Misano. See you there!

Walid #13