Victor Steeman Misano

Blog | Victor Steeman winding the damper up at Misano and winding down at the B&B Castella

Hello everyone,

Last Sunday we got back from the race in Misano.

In the race I finished twelfth, I'm not very proud of that, but unfortunately we did not get the bike setup right and it was very unstable (chatter) during the race.

I was very lucky because I almost "lost" the bike on the straight at a speed of 200+

I was able to ride the race by screwing the steering damper to hard as much as possible to compensate the chatter and was happy to cross the line?

In the "B&B Castella" (a kind of small castle well over 100 years old) where we stayed, it was cool. The owner Stefano was also a motorcycle collector and he had many motorcycles and racing bicycles in his barn, it seemed like a museum.

He also had a relaxation room with sound scales, these are metal scales from the Himalayas area. In the past, these were used at ceremonies and sacrifices in temples.

Nowadays these scales are used as sound instruments, the beautiful serene sounds provide relaxation. You can easily take it easy, let go of the daily problems. Well, I could use one session because I was pretty bothered we did not get the setup right hahaha.

What was also fun is we went to dinner with Greg and Jane "My American Fans" Saturday night after the race. Greg met us last year in Jerez. He was in the same hotel with us. It worked out so well with him, we had contact all year long and he came to Italy with his wife specially for me. Greg is a well known racing fanatic and they would like me to come to America in winter, to go mountain biking, skiing and racing...

This weekend I am also invited to motocross. I am very excited about it and yes I know it is asking for injuries. Believe it is a bit sliding and drifting on a newly harvested rye field, a lot of fun and getting dirty, must not forget my wooden shoes ?

Have been to school this week and catching up with schoolwork before leaving again September 20th ? for the last races Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Aragon.

See you soon and #likeArocket