Victor Steeman

Blog | Victor Steeman having hard cornering this winter

Hi Everybody,

My first race season with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup was one of mixed feelings. The results weren't always what I expected and hoped for. But I've learned a lot about the bike, the new circuits and met new friends. I'm happy to start in 2017 for the Red Bull Rookies again.

To the crew I want to say: Thanks for your confidence, and all the Red Bull energy & wings you gave me. This coming season I will show you this will not be without reason.

We've been busy for months to do the Spanish competition alongside the Red Bull Rookies in 2017. It looked like that we would succeed, but at the very last minute it was shut down.
You can imagine how disappointed I was..., very disappointed! But after two days I thought; head up! it's not the only way to drive a motorbike fast.

I keep on working hard on my physical and mental condition, and together with my great parents and generous sponsors we made plan B. - Soon more on that.

Looking forward to my second Rookies year and see you all.


Victor #21