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Blog | Victor Steeman - Dreams do come true and me on the dyno

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first blog with the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

A few years ago when I was eleven years old, I visited the Rookies when they were racing at my home circuit Assen in the Netherlands. (see main photo)

I was very impressed with what I saw and knew from that moment on: 'I want to be a Rookie!'

Everybody told me it would be very difficult, but I was dreaming and determined to become one, believed in it, trained a lot and never gave up.

Now you all know why! I am still very happy becoming a Rookie for 2016!

The Selection Event last year was a top weekend, hope this year brings more for you and me.

So dreams do come true, you have to believe in them and go all the way for it.

I cannot wait for the start of the Rookies Cup, in the mean time I am training a lot, cycling, swimming, but also training the Johann Zarco flip.

I need to be on a(ny) bike soon, but for now it is a challenge with my bicycle on the icy roads sliding to school, because it's freezing cold.

Dyno testing

Recently I did a medical checkup with our Royal Dutch Motorcyclist Federation, aka KNMV, and their coach, blood test/pressure etc. but also got a physical test on the dyno, to see if the human engine is OK; enough kilowatts for me, but like racing you always want more...


Victor Steeman