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Blog | Victor Steeman doing well at school and racing

Hi everyone,

It's been a really busy period at school recently. The week before the Sachsenring race weekend, I had a lot of important tests which count towards my exams at the end of the next school year. I'm proud to announce I passed with high marks, and will be going into the fourth year of school next year. My school complimented me on my work attitude, discipline and planning, telling me it was what they expected from a student who is also a top athlete.

Now I have some holidays. But that doesn't mean I will be just kicking back and chilling. I am planning to work on my fitness. I'll be working with a physiotherapist to try to improve it.

I have mixed feelings after Assen and the Sachsenring. The race in Assen went quite well despite the rain, and I managed to score some points. That wasn't as easy as you would think. I hadn't raced for 9 weeks, but some of the other guys race in other championships and had races in between. At the Sachsenring I had to learn the track, which is a tough one. Maybe I could have got more out of the race but I just missed out on points.

Assen in the wet. Photo - m.renders

What I noticed in the last few races it that I need to spend more time on the bike, and I'm missing race fitness. I am going to try and train as much as possible on my supermoto bike, and my riding coach advised me to spend more time working on my riding position on the bike. The nice thing about this is I can film this with the GoPro and then have the expert look at the film and give me advice.

The week before the race in Austria I am going to help at the summer training camp at the junior track at Assen. That's run by the KNMV, the Dutch motorcycle federation, and they need "lead riders" in several racing classes. I did the summer camp twice myself, and I know how much you can learn there. It's nice to now be able to pass on some of the things I learned to the "little kids", because they are the future!

I'm really looking forward to the race in Austria, and I'm curious to see what kind of lap times we can post at the Red Bull Ring. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that most of the Rookies have never ridden there before. I know that I can learn tracks quite quickly so I hope I can take advantage of that.

Assen full speed. Photo - m.renders

I hope the crew and the riders of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup have a great holiday, and I will see you all again in Austria at Red Bull's home GP.

Ok I am off to the Gym or finding and catching wild Pokémon...


See you 'am Ring'!