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Blog | Victor Steeman chosen for the Zwarte Cross

Hello everyone,

This summer meant a new experience for me. I was selected to be a member of the "Talent Nursery" at the "Zwarte Cross", a huge motocross and rock festival at Lichtenvoorde, 50km from where I live.

The Zwarte Cross (translated: "Black Cross") is a pretty crazy event, and hard to describe. There's some proper MX racing, but then there's lots of crazy vehicles too, tractors, tanks, cars, scooters, bike and even road racing bikes with dirt bike tires!, all decorated and jazzed up for the event and making laps on the MX track.

There's rock bands and stunt shows and a fun fair. The festival started as a private motocross race for a Dutch rock band and their friends, and the Mom of one of the band members is the "Boss" of the festival It's hard to describe, but it's insane! This year 220k visitors...

The founders of the black cross started this year a new initiative to support seven regional young athletes from the Netherlands to help them gain more name recognition and support.

They call it "tof" when young people put much effort in their sport, anyone who is 100% focussed and wants to go all the way deserves respect, you need to be a little crazy to do so. With the help of the Zwarte Cross it's a bit easier for all of them. I feel very honoured they also want to help me.

In the mean time I am training with the 600 and Supermoto and looking forward to the races in the Czech Republic and Austria. Two very beautiful circuits, we travel from circuit to circuit, so we are on tour for one and a half week.

After the Red Bull Ring I have one week of holidays in Portugal, like last year we are staying just near the track of Portimao and after that the new school starts again.

See you in Brno