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Hi everyone,

I stepped from the US Club Racing and Flat Track at 12 years old into the World stage of MotoGP with Red Bull Rookies Cup. Sitting on a Moto3 KTM for the first time was amazing! The racetracks were like nothing I have ever experienced, soo smooth, wide and FAST! 100 thousand spectators, team rigs, hospitality facilities like nothing I could of imagined.


I was told the Spanish kids are Very Fast but never had any way to know until we arrived at the first test, that's when I realised, Holy Crap I have to get going faster! That led to a bad highside, two days later at a CEV event at Estoril I lost my front brakes at the end of the front straight and crashed.


The next several races I didn't show up and I was having a very hard time falling into any kind of comfort zone, I was always searching for traction and we could never get it. The bikes are set up very stiff in the rear and move very little.


When my dad and I were at the lowest, Anscari Nadel from 111 management approached us and offered to help get my confidence back, he went out of his way to work with me and showed me many ways of training we have not experienced in the US. This along with spending time in Spain opened my eyes to why the Spanish kids are SOO FAST! I also learned that many kids from the US are training in Spain for years because of the level of competition is so high.


My confidence was returning and I was starting to improve my lap times to the leader. Unfortunately at a CEV race I crashed and almost lost a finger this caused me to miss the race at the Red Bull Ring which I was extremely sad.
Going into the last races of the season at Aragón I felt very confident and got my lap time within 2 seconds a lap to the leader unfortunately I could not get better because the bike continued to shake the front end very much.


This experience with Red Bull Rookies Cup has been amazing! to see the Championship rider Carlos Tatay move from Red Bull to Moto 3 and qualify 3rd fastest is incredible and I am proud to say I was part of this with him.

Big Thank You to Red Bull for giving me this opportunity!

Tyler Scott 70