Tyler Scott

Blog | Tyler Scott introduces himself

Hello everyone,

My name is Tyler Scott, I'm 12 years old and I reside in the USA. I am thrilled to have been chosen for the 2019 Red Bull Rookies Cup season, this is a dream come true and I am going to work very hard for the up coming season.


I love motorcycles and the speed. Since I could walk I spent a lot of time at Pro Flat Track Races with my Dad and sponsored riders throughout the years. The experience I gained prepared me for when I started racing. It was fun watching but the true challenge was yet to come.


I started racing Flat Track at 4 years old. My first race was at Daytona Beach Flat Track. I went on to racing many different Flat Tracks and half mile flat tracks and when I was five years old I was honoured to receive the AMA Youth Rider of the Year award.


At 8 years old I started my first road racing with NJMiniGP. It was really fun and I loved the fact that I got a lot of track time because in Flat Track you only get a couple of short laps on the track. I continued to also race Flat Track and won many national titles and awards.


I love training and racing my Honda CRF250 Framer Flat Track Bike. It is very aggressive which makes it more of a challenge to ride.


I have been racing and training on a Honda NSF 250 for 2 years. The Moto 3 class in our country is not a popular class ,so I enter the Twin 650 class also, which has more bikes and experienced riders that has taught me a lot.
I am looking forward to racing and traveling in Europe next year.


I will see you at the races,


Instagram: tyler_scott_racing
Facebook: Tyler Scott {Athlete}