Tyler Scott

Blog | Tyler Scott enjoying his first outing on the KTM RC 250 R

Hi Everyone,

My first Red Bull test was very exciting. I got my Alpinestars Tech Air suit and my custom painted Schuberth helmet.


My dad and I also got fitted up for our team wear that we will be wearing while in the paddock and in the garage.
The next day we got familiarised with the motorcycles and we were able to ride them. The first laps I realised that the bike had more power than anything I ever rode before.


The morning sessions were going well. Then while pushing the bike to go faster I ran off the racing line in turn 9 and tried to accelerate too much on the exit of the corner and I highsided.


When I hit the ground and got up I realised I couldn't move my shoulders then I figured out it was the Alpinestars Tech air suit had deployed. It brought my upper body parts in to protect them when I hit the ground. I ended up with just a few bruises.


We repaired the damaged motorcycle and Alpinestars recharged the suit for the next day. The next day I was working on regaining my confidence to go fast again.

Thank you Red Bull for this opportunity.

Talk to you soon,

Tyler Scott #70