Toprak surprising himself at Mugello

Blog | Toprak surprising himself at Mugello

Hi mates,

Mugello started like hell and finished unexpectedly.

I was so doubtful about this circuit and about the race but on the other hand I felt lucky because there was only one race so the nightmare would be short. I didn't have good feelings and any expectation.

We came to Frienze one day early. This time we did not wait at the airport but when I saw the car I started laughing. It was a Smart. So somehow we manage to fit in the car with all the luggages :)

We spent all day visiting the historical places; Piazza di Pitti, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo, Statue of David... We tasted the pizza and the famous gelatio of Badiani and I forget everything about the race.

First day; first practice we started with a standard setup and very slow. After the first FP we decided to change the setup for the QP. Unfortunately it started raining. The second FP and QP took place under heavy rain and I took the fourth place which is just great. The only problem was that we had no idea about dry settings on this circuit and we wished for rain for the race...... but it didn't.

The race day when we got close to the circuit we saw thousands of people walking. They parked 5km away from the circuit. So Italians are some kind of MotoGP (Rossi) fanatics :)

In the parking places we decide we were lucky with our fellow Smart. It's like a bike and we can park anywhere we want :)

I was hoping to be in the first 15 because it's a very fast and long circuit and after the race even I didn't expect the fifth place. Before the race I was praying for the 10th place but after I felt angry with myself because I missed the podium.

First five laps I fought valiantly but after my bike get so loose in the front I had to race slower. So fifth place.

Every race I'm getting closer...

Tot ziens on Assen