Toprak Razgatlıoğlu

Blog | Toprak overcoming a tough weekend in Jerez

Hi Everyone,

It was a great weekend. I think being in the Paddock gives me happiness and peace. Add to that the stress and excitement of the race, that is why I cannot give up motorbikes and racing.

Jerez is a great circuit but I found it difficult to adjust myself to the track in the first two days. I could not concentrate no matter how I tried. The weather was warmer than usual and the back of the motorbike was sliding too much and constantly.

I did not have much luck with QP, I was 11th. In Race 1, no matter what I did, I could not have a good start because of my height and weight, and I was also 5 to 6 percent slower the the other riders on the straight. After a great struggle I finished the race as I started, 11th.

I was not very pleased with that result. Neither were my coaches and my mechanic. They believe and they say that I can do much better than that.

It seemed that the Jerez event was carrying on as it started, well before we got to the track My mood was terrible. We had problems with car rental after landing on Wednesday. We had to wait for 4,5 hours at the airport, and changed three cars since none would work properly.

I don't even want to mention the hotel. When we checked in at the hotel, I started to believe that we were cursed.

Then on Saturday evening I saw Jordi Torres on the street. We parked side by side and later realised that we were staying at the same hotel. After a long chat I decided to leave everything that had happened behind.

I woke up in a completely different mood on Sunday. Our hotel was on one of the old and narrow but authentic and impressive streets of Jerez under Andalusian influence. Though we had no shower or toilet in our room, the hotel was in a calm district close to the circuit which was a great advantage.

I decided to use a different strategy at the second race. I needed to be a bit more aggressive. I had to be more in control. (When you struggle with other riders in the group behind, it becomes unlikely that you can catch up with those ahead. However, it would be a better idea to reach those in the front rather than struggle to leave someone behind).

I was more focused than Saturday and I did the best that could be done under these circumstances and came 8th.

I know I can do better and change the circumstances and I will work hard on it

Arrivederci a Mugello,

Toprak #54