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Blog | Steward Garcia on the gas in the gym and on the track

Hi everybody,

I am really happy because the season coming now and I have been training a lot of for this season because i want it to be my best, I went for 2 days training in Valencia with my R6 and my supermoto. Hard training and good with the feeling and also training here in Madrid all week.

I go to the gym and at the weekend I am training motorbike, cycling or running and i study in the afternoon. It is very hard for me because i arrive home at 11:00 and I wake up at 8:00 o'clock to go the gym. But no problem because I hope that this year I will be the best.

I like training with my R6 because is really fun for me and I am more strong with this bike and you learn a lot from it for when you take the KTM.

My supermoto is great fun, training with her you learn to take the curve when the bike is sliding and you have take the bike very strong. I am very happy because I am feeling strong. Thanks Red Bull Rookies Cup i am very excited to see you all again.

Steward Garcia 43