Soma Görbe

Blog | Soma Görbe ready and proud to represent Hungary

Hello Everybody!

I'm very happy to be apart of the Red Bull Rookies Cup! This was one piece on my bucket list. The last year I won the Northern Talent Cup. That was an amazing possibility for the north-middle European riders. I tried to be very concentrated at all the races, and gave my best. This series gives me lot of experience, new friends, and I learned a lot.


I'm proud to represent my country, because Hungary wants to be a part of the MotoGP series from 2023. This is a big chance not just for me, and for my country to! The Hungarian motorsports fans would be more focused, if one Hungarian person steps to Road to MotoGP.


2021 season starts now!

After Christmas, which I spent with my family, I came back to the work.

Wintertime here in Budapest so I have no chance to ride on track, thats the reason why I try to improve my skills with indoor training with my 12" wheel bike.


I love cycling. I'm a member of the Hungarian National cycling team age17 years under (main photo). It keeps me in very good form not just physically.

The other way what helps me to improve the reaction-time, focus, mental and physical condition is the Fit 4 Race training. It helped me a lot during the 2020, especially in the mental part of racing.


If I have free time, I like to be with my little dog. Her name is Leda.

So guys, I hope this year will be better than 2020 (because of Covid-19). I would like to meet with you on the racetracks!

Stay safe!

Best regards,