Simon Danilo

Blog | Simon not at home in Brno | 2014

Hi everyone,

Brno was my worst race weekend since the beginning of the year. It was really hard to get a good feeling due to all the bumps on the track.

In the first free practice we had to run in our new engines, we only got to do around 2 flying laps once the running in was done. Straight away I new that it would be a tough weekend for me, I had no confidence with the front end entering the corners, the other Rookies were much faster than me.

In the second practice my confidence wasn't improving and I couldn't do a good lap time.

In the qualifying I got closer to the leaders but the gap was still a lot too big. I ended up 20th on the grid.

Once on the grid for Race 1 it started to rain, the start was delayed, the track dried and we were back on slicks for the second start. Once again on the grid it started to rain, so we all put the rain tyres on. The track dried up really quick. It was a tough race, in the first few laps it wasn't to bad, I was battling for the 12th place but once the tyres wore out I couldn't follow the group anymore and I ended up 20th.

Race 2 was in full dry conditions with slicks. My start was quiet bad, and I couldn't follow the group for the points, I spent the whole race battling with the bike, trying to improve things to get a better feeling and go faster. I ended up 17th.

Brno is definitely not my favourite track after what happened two years ago, so the only positive thing is that I finished both races, now I can focus on Silverstone.

Silverstone is a really nice track, I got my best qualifying there in 2012 with a 4th place. I hope to be more competitive there then I was in Brno.

See you in Silverstone,