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Blog | Simon Jespersen - The Rookies Test was one of the best weeks I have had in my entire life!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are feeling fine and in good shape? Well.. I am! Because I have been training a lot! Especially on different two wheelers and the treadmill!

This has been a month with a lot of experience and development, finding spots where I can improve! I took a big step this year, going into the Moto3 Junior World Championship. The first race weekend at Estoril was an eye-opener for me, in terms of how professional you need to be, to be on the top! I had many problems with my bike and the set-up, but we fought, and we finally found a decent setup for the race day.

From April 2nd to the 6th of April, I had my first test with Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and that is one of the best weeks I have had in my entire life! I've been learning and improving with many different types of things! And I really want to say thanks to my mechanic Nico Rus and the coaches Dani and Gustl!

I was struggling a lot in the first days because I was maybe a bit nervous and a little bit stressed because of the pace this year. My bike didn't have the best set-up but through the week I've worked a lot with my bike and we fixed the bike together.

I'm feeling strong and ready for the first round of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Jerez!

We also got some really cool glasses from Oakley and many things from Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Sasha and I looking cool.......

Really nice gifts to get and I want to say big thanks!

See you soon,