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Blog | Simon Jespersen has been training and watching grass grow


Now there is not much time left, before the 3rd race weekend in Holland, at the Assen Race Circuit!

I'm very excited and happy to get back to racing, after all the school work I've had.

Most of the time since Mugello, has been used for my exams, physical training, 600cc, Flattrack, and Mini Moto.

This is how I try to save my front wheel crashes, by using my hand instead of the elbow HaHa.

Another very exciting thing for me is, that I will soon fly back to Spain, and take a look at the house where I'm going to live. It's very close to Cartagena Circuit, around 7 minutes in Car.

My plan is, that this is going to be my base in Spain.

Some weeks ago, I was out with my father riding on the Ohvale 190cc, it was he's first time on a bike since 4 years ago, where he stopped riding. From my point of view, it was "like watching grass grow" ;-).

As you might know, we have lost a very talented and great rider this month. My very good friend Andreas Perez, he was happy on and off the track! Last year, I raced against him in the European Talent Cup 2017. We had many great races and tight fights. We spoke a lot in the paddock, and he always carried the biggest smile with him.

All my thoughts are with Andreas, my deepest condolences to his family,