Simon Jespersen

Blog | Simon Jespersen getting it on and getting a new bike

Hello everyone!

The 2018 season is starting soon, and I'm feeling so strong and ready for the first test in Jerez.

I have new goals to achieve and new things to learn. I want to show you some pictures of what I'm doing through the winter, so I can be prepared for 2018.

First of all, I have to be in good shape, so I can be competitive in the championships. I like running and I prefer to run outside because you also get the chance to feel the nature. I usually run approximately 60km in a week.

I've been in Spain a lot throughout the winter, testing to get used to the KTM. I feel strong on the bike, but still working hard to know the KTM coming from the Honda.

I've also been practicing with my 100cc and other bikes as MX and soon the Ohvale!

Here I am at a motorcycle exhibition in Denmark, paying back sponsors and working to get people interested in racing. And this is the bike I'm going to practice a lot on. I'm getting the Ohvale on March 3rd and I'm really excited to ride the bike, and maybe learn some new stuff to improve my riding skills.

Simon #5