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Blog | Simon Jespersen the best weekend of the year

Hi guys its Simon, back at it with another blog!

Back in Misano, I had the best weekend of the year!

In FP1 and FP2 I was P12 and P8, and I was very positive about that!

Unfortunately, I dropped down to P20 in the Qualifying... and I was a bit sad, because I felt very good all day! Sadly, the group I was in, in the qualifying, was riders that didn't have a pace fast enough, so I think most of us didn't make the lap times, we wanted to.


BUT! next day was race day! And I was so pumped to go out there and just give it all I got.

I was very close to get to the front group, but it was so difficult to be defensive, and also try to keep the pace and make it to the front group. Over the finish line I missed P10 with a gap on 0,012

Taking a look behind the scenes.

For Misano, I made a big decision, by changing my mechanic helper back to my father, and it turned out to be a super good decision. You know, sometimes sons and fathers can get mad at each other and maybe disagree sometimes, but in the end, you just have this extremely strong bond and can make a lot of things better than others.


We're both, my dad and I, looking forward to Aragon this weekend! Let's give our full potential and make it smooth!

By the way through this week I had a small accident with my upper lip.


I fell on my stairs going up to 2nd floor. I nearly had a hole all the way through, but was lucky not too.

Motorcycle racing is dangerous but... going up stairs is also hahaha.

See you next time!


Next blog will be after Aragon GP, which takes place this weekend! Wish me luck :)

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