Sean Kelly

Blog | Sean Kelly is ready after a great off season

Hey everyone!

The holidays have flown by and our testing is coming up quickly. Directly after the end of the season, I have continued intense training to get as prepared as possible for my second year of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup! I'll be updating you all a bit on what I've been up to -

Overall my off season has consisted of full physical, mental, and technical preparation. 2 months of it in Spain before coming to the USA and continuing it here. Physical work is of course going to the gym, running and cycling to improve cardio, but also tying that in to technical work, such as motocross, has helped me gain more endurance as well as the specific technique needed more MX!

I've had some pit bike races and have gone to training centers in Spain. Supermoto races, training other younger and older riders, and my debut racing a 600, all in Florida! At the end of the day, I've been on a bike almost every day!

Apart from all of the training and hard work, we (my parents included) have also been able to enjoy our family and friends being back in the States. After all, I will also mention that my school work is also going very well, as I have already gone my first full year as an Online School student and will continue this year.

After this great pre-season I am definitely looking forward to the start of the championship and especially our 3 days of testing the first week of April! Big thank you to all of my new sponsors and supporters this year! To the whole RBRC Staff, and my family and friends!

Thank you to HotShotsByLisa and RicksPics for the pictures!

See you all soon,

SDK #40