Scott Ogden

Blog | Scott Ogden snow running and 24 hour cycling

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all good and enjoying these winter months.

Here in the UK the situation regarding the pandemic and lockdown, added with the recent bad weather, means it been impossible to be able to ride a motorcycle.


However, I didn't want to let this affect my preparation. I recently attempted a 24hour Zwift Cycle and was successful in completing it. My mindset behind this was that the challenge was so mentally difficult, if I was able to overcome it, then it helps me believe anything in life is possible if you work hard.


I have also started running again. I haven't been able to do so with my ankle injury. But with my physiotherapist giving me the all clear, I have a great opportunity to start running again but in a harder climate with below freezing temperatures added to heavy snowfalls.

I hope soon I can ride a motorcycle again but for now I will continue to train hard and enjoy this time as much as I can.

See you guys soon.

Scott #19