Scott Ogden

Blog | Scott Ogden scrubs up well for presentation but Dad cleans the bike

Hi guys,

I hope everyone's all OK. My name is Scott Ogden and I'm from Doncaster, UK. 2020 will be my first season as a Red Bull MotoGP Rookie and I'm looking forwards to keeping you all updated on how it goes.

This pre-season has been great, but I'm starting to miss the thrill of racing now. I'm writing to tell you all a bit about what's been happening and what I've been doing to prepare for 2020.

The off season started with an amazing experience. I was presented with my British Talent Cup medal at the MotoGP award ceremony at Valencia. It was incredible to watch my idols all receive their FIM awards and I even got to chat with Maverick Vinales.


I had an amazing few days but I knew that when I returned home to the UK, I had to focus on getting fully prepared. The weather hasn't really been great here in England, as you may know but it's been a good opportunity to get some laps under my belt on my KTM SXF 250 motocross bike at the toughest sand track in the UK. Perfect fitness but not great for my Dad. He had a lot of cleaning to do.

As well as MX, I've been training hard with my Fitness Coach, James Windle and have also recently finished my end of school exams, taking the International IGCSEs after making the change from GCSEs. It was challenging but I relished the opportunity to take them early and be free to concentrate on the season.

I really enjoyed them, especially Maths which is by far my favourite subject. I am now looking to apply to college to pursue that alongside my racing as, after all, it is great to train your brain.

That's all from me, I have some amazing things planned to tell you guys in my next Blog.

Scott #19