Scott Ogden

Blog | Scott Ogden locked into a tough training routine

Hi everybody,

Firstly I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe.

During this strange period of time, with the United Kingdom being on lockdown like most of the world, I have continued to stay motivated with my training and trying to improve my physical and mental state each day.

Throughout these past few weeks, since my last blog, I have been riding my bicycle a lot with my father. Trying to do a minimum of 250kms a week on our local roads and I can say he is definitely feeling the effects of it. I've also been doing lots of cycling work on our training rollers plus 'bleep test' fitness training, when I took the opportunity to run in my racing kit alongside my older brother.


I have also been trying to incorporate as much strength-based work that doesn't involve gym equipment. Things such as press-ups, plank and the Red Bull exercises.

For now I'll continue to try improve each day and make sure I'm in a good condition for when we get the green light to start racing again.

I hope to see you guys on track soon.