Scott Ogden

Blog | Scott Ogden gets good results with school and training

Hi everyone,

In the period since writing my last blog I have continued to train hard physically, both in the gym and on two wheels.

I first headed to Barcelona where I met up with my teammates in the Junior Talent Team to take part in our 3 day winter training camp. It consisted of activities such as cycling, flat tracking and motocross training.


Over the 3 days we completed 300km of cycling and many hours at Rocco's ranch on the motorcycles. It was a very challenging few days but a great experience for me.


Since then I have been working hard continuously in the gym trying to improve not only my cardiovascular endurance, but also my muscular strength.

I have also been putting in countless laps on my 85 Supermoto (main photo) around my local track Fatcats, which has been a great test to see the difference my physical training has made.

Finally, I mentioned in my first blog that I had just taken my International GCSEs and I have recently got my results back. Due to missing many hours in school over the last season I didn't know what to expect however I was very pleased with the results and can now apply to college in September.

For now that is it. I hope everyone is staying healthy.

Scott #19