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Hi guys,

I hope you are all okay,

The last couple of weeks have really been the start to my 2021 campaign and I've thoroughly enjoyed the progress I've made from where I was in my last blog; both mentality and physically.

I made the journey from the UK to Spain with my father, driving through France to Valencia. The drive took 2 days and we took the opportunity to visit my grandparents who live in Cognac. It was really great to see them and gave me the opportunity to squeeze some cycle training in.


We have now been in Spain for nearly 14 days and have had a total 8 days riding, which is quite mind blowing for me when pre-season normally consists of a some motocross and a track- day if possible. One of the first days on track was on a training camp with my new team Aspar and, after previously missing the first 2 camps due to covid restrictions, it was great to see my teammates and meet a great such as Nico Terol, the rider coach. I believe he will really help me come on as a rider this year.

We then went further south and had a very solid 2 days at the circuit of Almeria. It was good for me to train on a big track and find my rhythm again. I rode my sponsor, Lou deMarcos' Honda NSF250R which is such a great training tool, even though it isn't quite a Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup bike.


We are now set up and staying in a small apartment just south of Valencia and only a few minutes away, there is a great circuit called De La Ribera, where I can ride most days.

I can't wait to tell you what I get up to next...

Scott #19