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Blog | Sasha De Vits wishes you all a 'happy race year!'

Hello everybody,

First of all I want to give everybody my very best wishes for the year 2018 and may all your dream come true!
The last months were a bit difficult for me, a rollercoaster of emotions...although I was (and still am :-) ) very very happy that I received a second year as rider in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, this was totally overshadowed with the sudden death of Stefan Kiefer. He was my team manager and friend the last year in the other championship where I also participated.

Not only it was a huge emotional blow but also on all other aspects, because the plans that we had for the coming years were not sure anymore.

In the mean while things are getting sorted out but there are still some uncertainties, hopefully on my next blog everything will be more clear, staying positive all the time!
Looking back:

Aragon, doing some sight seeing and very happy as a 2nd year Rookie
RIP Stefan, always in our hearts!

Another positive news is that at the latest selection event of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup there was another Belgian rider selected. Via this blog I want to say well done Barry, I will enjoy riding with you! Like 4 Belgian riders this year with myself and Barry in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, Livio in the Moto3 and Xavier in the MotoGP, I am so proud to be Belgian!

For the rest the days flew away, I went to school, had Christmas exams which all went well and did lots and lots of training.

At the end of November I participated for the first time in the FIM CEV Moto3 World Championship with a wildcard as a test for this year. First time with my new bike and I learnt a lot that weekend! Looking forward to the first race in March!

In December I celebrated my 16th birthday and had a real Speed 16 race party, it was great, lots of people, good music and a beautiful birthday cake.

We've also organised an event for charity: we did an endurance with karts and kartbikes, with this we were able to give 800 euro in favour of the Children Cancer Foundation.

Me after a muddy MTB training...
Me and my new bike in Valencia with a wildcard participation in the FIM CEV World Moto3 Championship
My 16th birthday cake, Yum

And lots party of people at my party

Karting for charity!

Now I've just returned of Egypt where we went on a well deserved "no motorbikes :-) Christmas Holiday ".
Just the four of us with my mum, dad and my brother. We had a great time and came back full of energy for the coming season.

Getting ready to go swimming with dolphins and snorkelling

Family selfie!

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Next time I will not be waiting that long for sending one, sorry for that...
See you soon!