Sasha De Vits

Blog | Sasha De Vits well prepared for a great 2018 and enjoying sun and speed during Carnaval holidays in Spain

Good Morning everybody!

Last week me and my family went to Valencia to do some training and enjoying the nice weather, in Belgium the winter keeps on going and going, so cold and wet all the time...

But anyway, like I was saying, the four of us went to Valencia. My dad left earlier because he had to go by camper and trailer with all the bikes in it. We went by plane, easier ?

The first days of the week were totally for my dad. He booked 3 track days with Gully Racing on the Valencia track with his BMWS1000RR. He had fun and he was still fast... I'm proud of him, look at the time he did: 1.41.654 ?￰゚. I said to him "Not bad for an old man ".

Afterwards we went to the Kartodromo of Valencia where me and my brother could ride a full 4 days.

It was my brothers first time on a bigger bike, up to now he only did minibiking. In the beginning he was careful and slower but after 2 days he went really well and already fast ?. I enjoyed teaching him the lines, breakpoints etc.

I enjoyed riding my Supermotard, on asphalt or dirt , don't bother to change the tires ...even with slicks it is so much fun, only a bit more of cleaning afterwards ?

We also went to the BonAir shopping mall a lot, my mum liked that...lots and lots of shops and also good restaurants.

One night Sam Lowes was there, we had a nice chat, he is a very friendly guy!

Last Friday we returned home but for me a short stay at my place. I had to leave Sunday morning again for Spain for training with my KTM Moto3.

At this moment I am in Almería, I will let you know all about it in my next blog...

See you!