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Hello everybody,

This week school started again in Belgium, I am following the last year of sports/sciences in the secondary school. This week I could only go the first day because I went training to Valencia and from there I flew to Misano for the races this weekend.

I did many extra trainings between the Red Bull Ring and now, trying to improve my riding and giving me more confidence. I've worked a lot and that should be paying off in the next races.


I know that I can do really better in the qualifications then until now. Free Pratice is really good but qualy sucks every time. But I am not giving up and work work work!


The MotoGP in Misano is really special. It is Italy, the home of many riders and especially Valentino Rossi. So everything is coloured yellow. There are lots of people coming to see "The Doctor" in action. The only stupid thing is that we have 1 race in stead off 2, that's a shame but understandable.

After the MotoGP race on Sunday everybody is coming on the track, it is a habit there to do that. So we cannot ride anymore then...too bad


Every year there are also lots of Belgium fans which are travelling towards Misano to support for the Belgian riders. They are very nice people who support me a lot!


My grandmother and aunt are also coming towards Misano to see me racing. I'm looking forward to that!


Maybe see you all there???