Sasha De Vits Assen

Blog | Sasha De Vits racing in Assen, exams and a Schuberth visit

Hello everybody,

Last weekend was our 2nd race weekend on 'The Cathedral of Speed', the TT track of Assen in the Netherlands.

I consider this one a bit as my home track because it is one of the closest GP tracks as from Belgium. Many riders have a love and hate relationship with this track because of its volatility: there can be the sun on one corner and 2 corners further it can be windy and raining... but I simply love this track.


There were also my sponsors and lots of fans present to support me. Thank you all very much for your support!!!


Although I've classified on the 19th place, which wasn't good, I ended this weekend with my very first top 10 place and I'm very very happy with it.

On Monday and Tuesday following the race I had to go to school to do my last exams. And Tuesday evening we took off towards the Schuberth company in Magdeburg Germany.


Schuberth is the helmet provider of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

We were expected in the factory on Wednesday.

Wow what a factory, I was really impressed!

There were not only presentations and interesting workshops but also time for some fun like kayak, beach volley, bbq,...


It was a really fun day!!!

Today we're leaving Magdeburg and we go to Sachsenring for the next races this weekend.

I will not only participate in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup races but also with Kiefer Racing in the Moto3 ADAC championship.


It will be a busy but exiting weekend.

Oh yes, I almost forgot...during the weekend of races in Assen I got a message from some Italian friends saying that they were playing me on the new MotoGP 2017 game.


How cool is that. Can't wait to play myself in these races, that will be fun....

See you!


Sasha #9