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Blog | Sasha De Vits From Mugello to Montmelo to school

Hello Everybody!

The last 2 weeks we were again in full racing mode.

First there was the MotoGP weekend in Mugello were I could ride 1 race. In Italy we are always limited to only 1 single race because of the fact that all the fans come on the track after the MotoGP race.

Great to see, but not so great for me because my race was really quickly over and out because of a ride through penalty with because of a jumpstart......

That really sucked but during the trainings I could find a good rhythm that I can take with me to my home track in Assen ?

The weekend after Mugello we went to Montmelo for the next episode of the CEV Moto3 championship.

I'd qualified in 28th place so I knew that I had to take a great start to come really quickly in front.

Race 1: I did this, at the 3rd corner I was already in 19th place but in the 4th corner I crashed because I lost my front wheel on dirt on the track?

Race 2: My start was not that great but I could fight my way back and in the first 2 laps I took a lot of places. Then we had red flag because of a broken engine with oil on the track.
After some time we had a restart, a not so great start this time but I could take again lots of places!

After 4 rounds another red flag! But this time the cause was a horrible crash in turn 5.

There was a restart after a long time with only 6 laps left and I had to start again from the 28th position. I was really aggressive and finished P17.

Although I was happy with this result, the whole weekend was overshadowed by the death of Andreas Perez. I want to give my respect towards his family, things like this shouldn't be happening...

Now I am back in Belgium and studying hard for my final exams of this school year. Still another long week to go... and after this of to Assen which is my home track!!

I can't wait!

See you,