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Blog | Sasha De Vits moving schools and getting mucky

Hi everyone,

Back on track this week!
Summer break has been great, I had a little bit of holidays and a lot of good training!

In Belgium we have 2 months of summer holidays before school starts again. It seems a lot but I am so busy with everything that I even didn't noticed that we are already had the half of it.

After Sachsenring I had to search for a new school, my last school wasn't sport minded enough which gave me lots of troubles to get free for the races.

I think I found a school now who is sport minded and the direction that I will follow is sports, so an ideal combination. After Austria I will pay them a visit because now there closed. I think that school is very important so I'm trying everything to combine both.

Like I said I had a lot of good training. With Kiefer Racing I went training with the moto3 and the supermotard, that was fun and I learned a lot. At home I can train with my cross bike, in Belgium the Motocross is practiced a lot so with this bike I can train on many of muddy tracks...

just always cleaning the bike afterwards is big job because everything is really really dirty...

Also the Belgian organisation 2Race did a" funtrack-weekend "@ the karting Francorchamps, I had great fun there with old friends because I started racing with this organisation, so I know them for a while now.

I could train together with Bram Lambrechts, Livio Loi and Bo Bendsneyder, learned many things :-).

I also could spend some time with my mom and little brother which is nice because I don't see them a lot. My brother does minibike in Italy and my mum goes with him while my dad always accompanies me. Sometimes it is for a long period like for example now we leave for 14 we Skype and WhatsApp a lot ;-)

When I at home and it is good weather ( not always evident in Belgium :-) ) we play in the pool.

With bad weather we can play now on the PS4 with the MotoGP 2017 game as Rookies, cool!

Now we are making everything ready to leave to Brno tomorrow. There will be many Belgian fans present, with our new Belgian flag. I can't wait!

See you there!