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Blog | Sasha De Vits from Jerez to Le Mans to Mugello

Hello Everybody,

It was an interesting month so far...

It started in Jerez where I had the first race of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.
Yesterday we had the first the day of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2018 in Jerez!

The first day was very good apart from a big crash in FP2?
FP1: P8
FP2: P11
QP: P16
Just before the qualifying we noticed that my gloves were stolen, I know that I shouldn't be putting them at the floor but I never thought this could happen, so sad...
Anyway the first race I was 15th and the second race I was 13th
I learned a lot this weekend and I enjoyed the races!?￰

The next race weekend was in Le Mans with the CEV Moto3 championship. It was the first time that I rode here. What an exiting track this is!!! Towards all the people who told me this, Yes, you were all right ?

The negative point was that we had no free practise at all and we had to qualify immediately. It didn't worked out as I wanted ....
Q1: P40
Q2: P39
Starting position: P42

There was only 1 race which went well...I could ride 1 second faster then in the qualifying and I finally finished at the 30th position...

Those 2 races I really learned a lot and I hope to take this with me towards Mugello!!!