Blog | Sasha De Vits hitting the books between races

Hello everybody,

The last weeks were really intensive for me. I had to study a lot for my yearly exams and I also had to train to keep fit for the races.

I'm in my fourth year of High School in the direction of Human Sciences. Really interesting but also lots of hard work. Especially in June because there we have the tests to see if we can move towards the next year, so these are very important. The last two weeks I had these exams and they still aren't finished.

I still have exams in the French language, Physics and Science of Culture on Monday and Tuesday. I already prepared a lot but I will still need to learn between the races this weekend, because when I get home on Monday I directly need to go to school...

The ideal break during these studies was my training: I went running, swimming, cycling, I went to ride with the supermotard and crossbike. Those were nice breaks and training in the same time.

Yesterday morning we left for Assen really early because the traffic in Belgium is hell.

I'm very much looking forward to the Assen races, it is a bit like my home track and lots of fans will be there.

I can't wait.

Sasha De Vits #9