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Hello everybody!

It has been a while, I'm so sorry but the month of August was such a busy month for me and my family :-)

It started with the races on Brno in Czech Republic, that was again a great track with lots of fast corners.

Also for the fans it is one of the nicest tracks, you can see a lot because of the way it is built. With the forest surrounding it, it makes me think a bit at Francorchamps in Belgium ;-)

It was the first time that I progressed in the qualification round, I took the 12th position which was a lot better that the previous races!

The first race didn't go as planned with a 16th place but the second race was better with an 10th place.

It seems that when it is rainy conditions I have a bit of more confidence, trusting the feeling to race. Probably because it rains a lot in Belgium, even now, when I'm writing this blog it's like poring rain :-) :-)

Plenty of rain while racing...

Alter the Brno weekend we went immediately towards Austria where we stayed on a camping and took a few days off.

There where also my friends present from the KTM Cup where I participated a few years ago.

We had fun, laughed a lot, did BBQ's, went to the lake and trained together.

BBQ: eat meat!

Swimming in the lake

Sit-ups in the morning...

The weekend after Brno it was time for the Red Bull Ring. What a layout, surrounded by mountains with a large bull in the middle of the track!

I have only 1 word to describe this track: very very fast! Only 9 corners, connected with straight parts where you could really go full gazz, I'd liked it a lot :-)

I could qualify at 16th position and finished in 18th place for Race 1 and 16th place for Race 2.

I got my first ride through penalty because of a jump start on the first race that weekend, that was really frustrating, because I was on the 10th position on that time...

I was not so happy with the results, but it still was a positive weekend, I could ride a very good lap time the 2nd race, only 0,5 second difference with the fastest lap time.

Learning and making progress every weekend!

And I also did my first Red Bull Rookies Chat, you should check it out on FB or on the website, that was fun...

The Bull!

My first ride through penalty :-((((

After the 2 race weekends I finally went home where I could see my mum and little brother again, we were away for 2 whole weeks!

I was happy to be home again and also my dog was happy to see me again ;-)

There was also a little surprise for me, there was a really large article of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and of me in the Belgian magazine Motorrijder!

My dog Louis <3

Motorrijder: thx for the big article!

The past 2 weeks I did like lots of things:
* The necessary preparations for the school that starts on the 1st of September: cleaning up my room, ordering my books etc etc.
* We went to the fan day of Livio Loi, a Belgian rider in the World Moto3 championship and a friend of mine.
I went to a race weekend of the Belgian organisation 2Race, I'm always happy to go there, it is were I started racing and it always feels like coming home. I participated in 2 classes and also in the endurance with my dad, I did all this with a KTM SM85 2stroke which KTM Belgium offers me to train with, a really cool bike.

I'm so grateful with the support that I receive from KTM Belgium!

With Livio and our Belgium flag!

Ready for the endurance: me and my dads helmet :-)

My wins of the weekend :-)

Now I can't wait to go towards Misano next week!

My mum and little brother will be there to...for the first time this year, all the other race weekends he was participating in or training for the Italian Minimoto Championship of the CIV.

It will be great, hopefully I will see you there..


Sasha #9