Sasha De Vits

Blog | Sasha De Vits enjoying Misano for himself and his team mate

Hello everybody,

We're in between races, going from Misano towards Aragon.

Misano was great, our race was on Saturday so we weren't bothered about the poring rain on Sunday :-)

I could take P11 in Misano and was happy this result, learning a lot and making progress each time!

Sunday I witnessed the first win of the Moto2 rider and my Kiefer teammate Dominique Aegerter live within the Kieferbox: what a feeling, what an emotions for himself and for the whole team. I can't wait to experience this also!!!

That evening we all went together to celebrate the win in the restaurant of Simoncelli SIC58, at a certain moment they started his bike and let it run for a few minutes, everybody was totally overwhelmed again ;-).

If I could put a few words on my Misano Red Bull MotoGP Rookie experience, it would be "Living The Dream! " .

Waiting on the grid to start racing.

Close racing

Celebrating the win of Dominique Aegerter all together.

This weekend, since everybody had this weekend off, we could be like a normal family for a few days :-)

Sleeping a bit longer, catching up with my homework for school, doing some chores,..
We could also finally celebrate the deferred birthdays of my cousin and uncle, my family always waits until everybody is present so that we can celebrate these days all together!

Doing my homework

Chores :-(

Celebrating with my family...

Now I'm almost leaving for Aragon, I'm flying on Wednesday.

I am already a bit sad that it is the last race of this season, hopefully I can still stay another year!!

See you in Aragon!