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Hi everyone,

Winter isn't a time to sit back and relax for motorcycle racers. I am training very hard to become even stronger than I was last season.

I train a lot, at least twice a week, and more if the time allows it. Every week I ride on my mountain bike, since there are a lot of great mountain bike tracks in my home area. It is a great way of training, and for me, it's a great way to relax.

Next to the mountain biking, I kickbox twice every week. This winter the Dutch riders had a very cool Judo clinic with the Dutch motorcycle federation KNMV. I had to compete against a champion, which is harder than you can imagine. I don't think I have to talk about the outcome of that match haha. This sport help me to stay agile and flexible. It also helps to train the focus and quick reflexes, needed in motorcycle racing.

Me and the champion in the Judo match.

Next to a lot of sports to stay in shape, school isn't going easy on me, so I study hard. In the time that's left after that, I relax with my friends.

In the last weekend of January we appeared at the TT Assen motorcycle exhibition, were I met some fans, sponsors and a lot of friendly people who are into motorcycle racing. This exhibition is next to the TT Assen track and also a lot of fellow riders were there. This made this exhibition a lot of fun to visit.

Ernst Dubbink and I on a 2012 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup bike during the TT Assen Motorcycle exhibition.

Last week we designed my new helmet. It isn't ready yet, but it will be before the preseason test in Jerez. I can't wait to make the first ride on the bike.

Till then, I train hard, to be better, faster and stronger than last year.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Sander Kroeze #36