Ryusei Yamanaka

Blog | Ryusei Yamanaka winning Race 1 in Austria

Hi Everyone,

The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at the Red Bull Ring

QP is 1st
RACE 1 is Win
RACE2 is 7th


The conditions for Qualifying were difficult.


The course was getting dry. So I attacked gradually. And I got my first pole position.


I won Race 1 from the pole position.


I made mistake at the start. But I could carefully judge the race situation. I changed my strategy, and won.


In Race 2 I was 7th. I made good start this time. Then, the top group got bigger.


I thought that there was risk to race in the front. But there was risk to move too low as well. So I wanted to keep around 4th place. But my position got lower.


I could not control the race situation well. In addition, it was a little difficult to pass in the braking zone. So I could not get a better position. At the third to last lap, I expected to be around third at least. But I was 4th or 5th.


I failed in getting a good position. It was no problem if I could jump up soon. But it was difficult. I could not fight and finished the race.


I found many new problems this time. I should improve my skill a lot. For the next round in Italy, I will do hard training to win again.


See you there,