Ryusei Yamanaka

Blog | Ryusei Yamanaka with two great rides and a podium in Germany

Hi everyone,

After the frustrating DNF due to fall in the previous round in the Netherlands, I entered the circuit with a strong will for the win.


At first, my feeling was good in practice, but I made a mistake in my QF attack and ended in 8th on the grid.


Then, Race 1 was 3rd, on the podium.

I made good start, but overran the high speed corner in the 1st lap and dropped down to 8th position.


After that I made some fastest laps and caught up with the group in the battle for 2nd position.


In the 3rd to last lap, my clutch lever was broken due to a collision at the 2nd last corner, and it became difficult to shift down. So I couldn't overtake anymore but got 3rd and was on podium.


Next, Race 2 was 6th position.

I started from the 8th place on the grid but succeeded in jumping up. I entered in the 1st corner at the 5th position.


A rider was expanding his lead after the first half sector, and I tried to overtake the other riders earlier.

I got the 3rd position and caught up with the 2nd rider.


Furthermore I tried to catch up with the 1st rider as well, and could gradually reduce the gap. But my feeling got worse after my tires started to wear down, so even the gap from the 2nd rider got bigger. Then 4 a bike battle followed, and I was the top of this group at the last corner in the final lap.


I broke late to this final corner to keep my position, then my front tire lost grip, I released the brake, my line got wide, so the 3 bikes passed me all at once!! Finally I dropped down to 6th position.

I found many improvement points here. There is also a little long interval until then next race. I make my best to overcome problems in the first half of this season. In Austria, you can see a stronger Ryusei.


Talk to you then,