Ryusei Yamanaka

Blog | Ryusei Yamanaka having a great fight at home

Hi Everyone,

I had race in Japan in the All Japan Championship at the Sugo circuit and it was my first time riding on the bike.

It started raining when I pushed and learnt track at FP1. But I don't go back pit and still riding with slick tires. So I crashed with the front due to the rain.

After that I didn't ride to smooth out and finish my learning.

In QP it was raining and I was P16. So for the race aI started P16.

But I believed in myself.

So the start was soo good. In the first lap my position iwas about 5th and my feeling is back. When I finished the second lap I was leading.

After that I had a battle with other riders. But then there was a red flag after a few laps.

Then we started again. But I miss the start, after that I looked at the other riders from behind.

In the final lap I could make a strategy, overtake after the long straight, But one rider stayed side by side through the 110R corner.

In the last corner I miss taking line and finished third.

Next race is Assen.

I will do my best for the podium and to win.