Ryusei Yamanaka

Blog | Ryusei Yamanaka having a go on a 600 and getting fitter for Jerez

Hi Everyone,

I finished the practice with 600cc in the Suzuka Circuit in not hot and not cold weather.

It was my second riding of 600cc. But I got used to it step by step.

I wanted a little better lap when I made a time attack. But I couldn't anymore.

I very much enjoyed it because my feeling was getting better as well as my bike.

The this week is the race of Red Bull Rookies Cup in Jerez which I am waiting for a long time.

When I had the test in Jerez I got a good feeling. But I also found what I must change.

I am improving my riding technique and also also my physical condition just now. I'm so excited for this race.

I will do my best to have a good opening game.

Chat soon,