Rufino Florido Valencia

Blog | Rufino Florido racing in the CEV at Valencia

Hi everyone

Sorry for the late but this week are full of exam for me for this I can´t write you, in this blog I go to tell you how was the past weekend in the CEV race in Valencia.

I was in this race with the team Grupo Machado, with a very good and fun motorbike, I never rode the bike before and for this I was slow the first practice but I improved a lot in the second practice... the first day ended and I really wanted to get on the bike the next day!

The second day was a very good day but with some difficulties, the first qualifying went very well but I made a mistake and crashed. I finished 10th. The second qualifying started and I was very excited but when I went to start, the bike broke and I couldn't try my best... I started in the 14th position but like the first day I was very keen to take the bike and do the races!!

The third day was the final day, I was really excited and without pressure. All went well but with this bike my starts were not very good. In the first race I don't start very well and some riders crashed in the second corner and I have to take very hard the brakes. Because of this I lost a lot of positions and was fighting with Marc Garcia.

I crashed in the first corner but the race was stopped for a red flag I ran with the motorbike and the mechanics repaired the bike very fast, I could make the new start. In this start I started better than the other start and I fought in a really good position of the top-10. But I had very little practice with this bike and I crashed in the sixth corner.

The second race was a very good race because I started like a missile and I overtook many riders in the first corners, I was fighting for the top-6 but I crashed again... This weekend give me a lot of new things to learn and I'm ready for start the new year with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and try my best!!

See you soon