Rufino Florido

Blog | Rufino Florido not happy with his practice or race performance in Brno

Hello everyone,

In this blog I will tell you how was my weekend in the Czech Republic and why my qualifying and both races were bad.

The first day, Friday, start really bad, I had problems in the gearbox and my shifter didn't work and in this practice I couldn't do so much. In the second practice I was like, I don't know very well what lines to take because the Brno track is very wide.

Then I have to do the work of the first practice in the second practice, and in the qualy I wasn't as fast as I really can be for the same reason. That was a failure of me because I have to do better work, is impossible that the bike always goes right and in these situations I have to accept the situation and do my best, don't think that I can do more.

The second day (Saturday) was the race. I started 14th so I have to overtake a lot of places very soon, if not the front group will go, and that was what happened. We do some changes of the settings that finally go it right but at the start I was a bit worse and I only can finish 8th.

In the third day, Sunday, was the second race with a very strange situation because the track was wet but was getting dry and we ran with rain tires. I had very bad feeling and can't go as fast as the others guys or like I can so I finished 17th.

That weekend was the worst weekend of my life in races but also the weekend that I learn more, I keep strong guys, you will see in Italy, I will show that I'm there and I can fight versus all riders.

Full Gas.