Rufino Florido

Blog | Rufino Florido have a great Christmas and a hard training New Year

Hi everyone!

I hope that Christmas went well for all of you! In this blog I will tell you how it was for me.

In the first place I like to say you that Christmas for me was full of bikes with a lot of training, for this is a perfect Christmas, and when I'm not on my bike I am with my family.

My sister and I

I trained physically, riding the bike or running, taking advantage of the perfect climate here in Andalusia.

In the second place I like to tell you that I was training on my local circuit with the Lince Racing School and I was helping the promising youngsters of Málaga to improve, I like a lot to help them and I feel very proud of this.

I like to tell you also that my dad and I have fix the motocross bike and yesterday I took it with my friends in the local track. it was a perfect training because I enjoyed that a lot and I finish it very tired because I was on the bike from 10:00 to 17:30.

In the dirt with friends

Finally I like to say you that I'm looking forward to start the 2016 season with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. I can´t wait more for the Jerez test! I hope that all of you had a very good Christmas and a happy new year and that we can see each other soon, thanks for reading my blog!